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At Baya, we look after all your interior needs by ensuring your vision is a part of the process. We cater to the residential, commercial and hospitality segment and ensure that every project nurtures comfort, craftsmanship and a feeling of togetherness for every visitor.



Every interior dream can be made possible with the right advice. With our online design consultation, we’ll help you translate your dream into a viable roadmap.



Take the first step towards building your dream space by first planning out the layout. As it is easy to get lost in the little things, our team will help you put together the pieces seamlessly.



Even the little details can make or break a space. By working with us to design your interiors, an unfamiliar new space will resonate an innate sense of comfort.



Styling a space isn’t just about matching elements to fit together. It’s about unearthing an energy that resonates wellbeing, even being able to rekindle a lost connection to your space.

What Our Clients Say

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Vandana Punia

Working with Sunakshi was such an amazing expireince, she truly understands me and my needs. She listens and collaborates your wishes into her designing, it was actually a match made in heaven. Thank you so much for giving me a home. My dream home, couldn't been possible without you. 

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