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Our Interior Design Studio was first started in 2019 as a means of creating a design story for every space. With times that favour technology over quality, we call to the intrinsic quality and craftsmanship spread out all over the country, moulding it to become multifunctional, simple and organic. Clean shapes and unique compositions of materials become our medium to create art with every one of our clients.


Sunakshi Jagwani’s design style focuses on the composition of varied materials, clean shapes and pops of colour, paying in mind that every object in a space should be functional, organic and harmonious. Every project is seen in a fresh light, and a playful and experimental approach retains an element of surprise to the final look. Growing up in Jaipur, a city brimming with heritage and craft, Sunakshi has a profound connection to the handmade, which can be found in her choices of art, furniture and decor for the space. While promoting craftsmanship along with her unique perspective on design, she works on the philosophy of creating art with her clients by combining the old and new, and realising their vision for the space with the most conscious choices.


Sunakshi grew up in Rajasthan, India and went on to pursue an undergraduate in Interior Architecture & Design from the UK. She further went on to study in New York and practised in Dubai and Jaipur. After honing her craft, Sunakshi founded the BAYA JAIPUR studio to work as an independent designer and architect.

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